Wednesday Poetry “As The World Rushes By”

“As The World Rushes By”

The world rushes by

I limp along at the slowest of paces

Aching for the days I ran effortlessly

Was it so effortless?

I bang my heel and smile hard

To hide the words which want

To fly free from my mouth

I swallow down saliva pooling under my tongue

This will not break me again

The world rushes by

It seems it will leave me behind

Yet hidden eyes come forth

As I finally slow down

Had I been moving to fast

Had I noticed nothing at all?

Was this all here before

Simply waiting until I slowed down?

I come to a halt

I take a deep breath

I sit down to merely watch

As the world goes by

Finally I feel part of it’s whole

A shift has happened

One most unexpected

One filled with many embraces

A shift I fill with my own content

I lift my eyes up

And smile

For I have finally slowed down enough

To enjoy the life I have been given.
                                -Bree Nowacki


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