Wednesday Poetry; “Words Saved My Life” 

“Words Saved My Life”


And more words

They draw me in

They satisfy like no other

They cause emotion

Which happens no other way 

Words fill me to overflowing

Words spill out through my fingers

Words saved my life

When no other communication happened

I had written words

When my mouth would stutter

I had written words

When my thoughts would not come out of my mouth

I had written words

They spilled upon the electronic page

They rose up sharing what was inside

They painted a brilliant picture I could not express otherwise

Words saved my life

As I improved words allowed sharing

As I grew words had more meaning than before

As I healed my words became my strength

Wonder filled expressions grew as I healed

Amazing moments were shared with the world

Astounding leaps of healing encouraged more words

Words were my balm

Words were my bandage

Words were my courage

Words were my comfort

Words healed me

When I could not say one word out loud

Written words saved my life.

-Bree Nowacki


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