Poetry Wednesday “The Glimmer”

A glimmer slips through the carefully created walls of my creation

This light I can see shine with it’s dust mote filled rays

I wonder when it happened?

This crack in my demeanor

My wonderfully fashioned surround

Which took so long to make

I sit back in astonishment watching, waiting

The light shines upon my face and I close my eyes

There is no heat, only the light I see in spite of closed lids

I sigh deeply wondering if I am ready, could I be ready

It is all simply a moment as I sit back and observe

The light moves across my face, my lips, my neck and down across my breasts

I watch as it moves away from me until it is nearly gone

It changes into a different light tinged with grey and I know it is now moonlight

It also moves across my body and back up to my face

I let it caress my lips and step back out of the light to simply observe it’s beauty

My mind allows me to step back and only watch as I see every nuance of this light

So beautiful as it moves softly, slowly until it becomes the bright light of day

I lay upon the ground and with my eyes closed I wait patiently

This time I will enjoy what I have let in

This time can simply be the beginning of what will be

If only I allow this shimmer of light to expand

Until it’s warmth moves across my body and I welcome it in.

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