Wednesday Poetry “You Thought I Was…” 

     This was written as a response to Julie Jordan Scott’s 5 for 5 brain dump prompt. I wrote it rather quickly and live streamed the reading. However, I took more time to craft it, added to it and wrote some more. I really love this prompt so much and the poem Julie read by Anna Akhmatova held so much strength! 

(This poem will be read at the open mic for IAO Gallery in OKC during it’s 1st Sunday’s open mic portion.)
You thought I was…..

You thought I was your fantasy, your dream girl

You thought I was like all those others

You thought I was the answer to all your problems

You thought I was your one and only

You thought I would be your secret

All your thoughts, your dreams are clay

I am not what you think I am

I am not your fantasy

I am not your dream

I am not your secret

I am not your fix

You thought I was going to be something I am not

You thought I was so perfect

You thought you could put me up high out of reach

You put me upon the pedestal of your creation

I am not this person you believe me to be

I am only me and I am not like any other

The uniqueness of my creativity fills me to overflowing

It is inside me pushing to rush out in an explosion

Every time I pick up the pencil, the brush, the stylus or begin to type

My own version of perfection becomes sharp

Becomes so clear

Ready to be seen

But I am not what you thought I was

I am only me.

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