Life’s Imperfections

     Stories and more stories. Truths are stories not every person wants to hear. Somehow the preferred one is the most stimulating one. The train wrecks in life are the ones which the most ‘likes’ the most ‘retweets’. A negative, yet exciting ending is much better than one with a positive story of overcoming negatives with a not so perfect outcome.It is so easy to get caught up in the belief which is out there telling each person you have to only think positively. There can be no negatives. If something bad happens it’s because you did something to cause it, thought something wrong. This is why you“attracted this negativity to yourself in the first place”. It’s easy to embrace all this self blame. So easy. Each person wants to feel in control of their life. This makes sense to crave some semblance of control of each day and all the outcomes held within the day.

     Life however is not a series of happy positives. There is a wonderful wave of elaborate ups, downs, sideways and upside down times. The wave can crash in suddenly then roar back revealing everything in a rawness beautiful in it’s imperfections. Seeking to find a balance is a good thing, one worthy of pursuit. But, it is also important to realize there are going to be the unexpected bad times.

     What I’ve learned from the past decade and beyond is bad things happen. Violence happens to change our lives. Things break down and have to be fixed. Sometimes what needs to be fixed is ourselves. Getting to the point of realization we have broken down and are fixable is key to beginning the journey towards healing.


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