Day 5 of September, “Year Six”

Day 5 of September
The Hope Within the Storm Collection

Of the PTSD Poetry Project 2016

Day 16 of 22

“Year Six”

Pain racked my body

A near constant

Until the volume

Turned up too loud

To be ignored

Surgery needed

Secrets inside my body


Secrets cut away

From inside my body

Secrets stilled

And swept away

As surely as dirt

Into the catch pan

The stillness was final

And in the silence

Something happened

A miraculous thing

Healing began to occur

As my body healed

Memories surfaced

Bubbled up and over

Freeing me from their hold

The dark cave within me

The dark dwelling place

I left behind

I took final steps out of this place

Into the light of day

The light I’d thought

Was gone

Or perhaps had fooled myself

Into believing never existed

Life began again

I had finally stepped out

Of the storm within

An imperfect place

A tenuous shawl wrapped around me

For a time

While I healed

The autumn arrived again

This time without all the pain

I was strong inside

I wobbled a bit

But I faced it head on

The emblem on my chest

Now firmly in place

I had finally discovered

I could still be my own superhero

Now it was time

To fly high again

Now it was time

To face it all head on

Now it was time

To finally begin

The journey

Of saving myself

It would prove itself

To be a wildly

Audacious act

To begin to fall

In love with …




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