Day 29 of 31 Days in August, “Consumed by Grief”

Day 29 of 31 Days in August
The Final Hours collection of the PTSD Poetry Project

Day 9 of 22

    The upcoming month of September is National Suicide Awareness Month

     The significance of 22 is the average number of veterans who die by suicide each day.

      Please visit Honor Courage Commitment, inc’s page to learn about the mission and how they are bringing awareness by using the hashtag #22kill and their 22 push-up challenge.

***This Collection’s poems’s subject is suicide and can be triggering to read. Please practice CAUTION BEFORE READING***

“Consumed by Grief”

Morning broke

My eyes red and swollen

Tears filled to overflowing again

My mind filled again too

Thoughts flying through

Memories of good times

Memories of bad times

Memories of loving times

My body curled in upon itself

Sobs racked my body

The pillow muffled the sounds

Of my grieving

I got myself together

Walked into the kitchen

Coffee was made

I had forgotten the friend on the couch

The one who had driven me home

The one who had been there

When I had to tell my children

About the loss we’d unexpectedly had

The friend who’d lost their father

Many years before in the same way

I fixed my coffee as quietly as I could

Moved back into my room

Sat on my bed

The first sip filled me

As tears slipped down my face

I drank some more

Attempting to settle down

Giving up I crawled back under the covers

The covers bunched in around my body

My friend came in the open door

I felt the warmth of their body

Curling up behind me

Just being there

Allowing me to grieve

Saying nothing

Doing nothing

He simply held me

While the grief consumed me



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