Day 22 of 31 Days in August, “Too Late” 

Day 22 of 31 Days In AugustThe Final Hours Collection of the PTSD Poetry Project 2016

Day 2 of 22

The upcoming month of September is National Suicide Awareness Month

The significance of 22 is the average number of veterans who die by suicide each day

Please visit Honor Courage Commitment, inc’s page to learn about the mission and how they are bringing awareness by using the hashtag #22kill and their 22 push-up challenge.

***This Collection’s poems’s subject is suicide and can be triggering to read. Please practice CAUTION BEFORE READING***

“Too Late”

The call came

We rolled out running hot

Lights and sirens blaring

The adrenaline running hot

Seat belted into my seat

I prayed and prayed

Men’s voices yelling

At vehicles not moving aside

Finally we turned down the right road

Leading to our destination

Ahead we saw huge red engines

Black and white cars

A man in uniform walked towards us

I saw his face

And I knew

By the tense expression

We were too late

Through the large open garage door

I could see the man

His body still, breathing no more breaths

Limp and left up high

This I saw as we walked by

To the family gathered at the porch

Screams from a woman’s mouth

As she was held by another

An older man sat holding his chest

To this one we walked

I held his hand and looked into his eyes

Full of fear

Full of sadness

Full of grief

I continued to hold his hand

As I listened to the story

Of the man in the garage

For whom we’d been too late

Even if we’d come faster

Even if we’d gotten the call sooner

Even if we’d ……

We’d still have been too late

He’d decided his fate 10 years before

He’d only waited until this past night

Before making his decision

In the night which had become

His final hour.


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