Day 15 of 31 Days in August, “Early Morning Light”

Day 15 of 31 Days in August
The Chronic Illness Collection of the PTSD Poetry Project 2016

“Early Morning Light”

It is so dark outside

As I leave the house

My dog whines with excitement

As we drive towards our place to walk

I see the flag across the lake

It hangs straight down

As there is no wind

I think of other areas

Where winds whip hard

Rain is continuous

People are boated away from their homes

I get out into the early morning

To walk my dog

I hear the police chopper overhead

I watch as it hangs in one spot

With a light shining down

I wonder what is going on

Not so far from where I walk alone with my dog

They fly over and hover for awhile

Then move in small circles

I’m wearing blaze orange

Visible I’m sure from the sky

I watch as they move on

My dog darts back to me

As an ambulance drives by on the highway

Siren and lights so bright and loud

We walk on watching the ducks, the geese

The surface of the water with its small circles

Indicating fish beneath

I come around a bend and the sun is rising now

The pink streaks across the sky

I breathe in and feel my body

I glory in simply being able to walk this morning

This day which begins with pink in the sky


August 15,2016

Personal journal


      It is very early as I leave the house with my dog and the pink streaks in the sky haven’t yet begun. I see other people heading out their doors with their dogs to walk in the very early still of the morning. There is no wind at all. The flag across the lake hangs from it’s pole as there is no breeze to whip it out to show it’s colors.

      It’s so quiet and yet the noise is loud as the cars on the highway are so nearby. If I ignore the sounds of the highway and only listen to the waterfowl and the buzzing of the cicadas it is quiet. My dog wanders back and forth obeying the gentle commands to go left, go right and then coming back to me. I set my exercise app so I know how far I’ve gone. But I’d forgotten to set it before I’d gotten to this curve. Frowning I set it and know I’ve lost at least a quarter of a mile but it is okay. I still walked that quarter even if it wasn’t documented.

      I see turtles’ heads rising up and quickly going back down as they see me walking. Ducks call to each other and a lone goose flies by honking loudly. Perhaps he’s gotten separated from the flock and is trying to find them. As I round the further bend I see the pink streaks in the sky and stop to take pictures. It’s beautiful. This moment is a singular moment of beauty in the sky.

      I walk today. No jogging this time. I walk and feel the ache in my hip and the opposite thigh. My right leg doesn’t like it when I go up a grassy hill and I feel I have to tell it out loud to move it! The miscommunication between my brain and body sometimes is so frustrating. I think yet again about how I need to start concentrating on pushing that side of my body more. There is a lack of muscle there which the opposite side does not have.

      I walk, I look at the sky, I call my dog back to me and we head towards home once again in the early morning light.


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