Day 13 of 30 Days In June, “Fluttering Fragility”

Day 13 of 30 Days In June, PTSD Poetry Project Poem

“Fluttering Fragility”

Butterflies fly across my walls

So fragile, graceful in all sizes, shapes

Differences make them unique

Hope is like these butterflies

It flies in and flits away

Torn wings or no it struggles to fly

Soon the ripped wings become useless

The fall begins

Frantic flutters to stay out of predators reach

Eventually the fight to hold onto hope is lost

What began as a small tear

Leads softly, slowly to the fluttering

Attempt to continue to survive


Originally posted September 7, 2013 to

“Fluttering fragility”

Butterflies circle the walls and it occurs to me how fragile they are. The gentle vibrant colors, sizes all the differences making then unique yet so fragile. The carrot of “hope” is like this. It dangles out of reach, showing its beauty by darting in and flitting away. Even when they have a torn, ripped wing they struggle through the unseen currents of air. At some point that torn wing becomes useless and the fall begins.

      Fluttering frantically, fighting to stay aloft until caught by a predator. A web designed to entrap, or the ground with its hordes of ants ready to scavenge. Softly the butterfly lets go and allows nature to win.

     Inevitable fragility. Each day is your inevitability of this fragile hold starting with a small tear which leads to softly, slowly, giving up.

     Softly fluttering in the throes of one last attempt to survive.


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