“You Are Worth Fighting For”

“You Are Worth Fighting For”

A PTSD Poetry Project Poem 

by Bree Nowacki
We hide inside ourselves

Believing we are broken

We have been beaten down

We huddle in a dark corner

I am not enough

I could not save myself

I will never be enough

I am broken beyond repair

I cannot look into the eyes of anyone

I am small

I am insignificant


Until we are an empty shell of who we used to be

Sometimes we stay stuck in these moments

See my broken wings

See my broken heart

Hear my broken stories

Look at me in my pain!

Look at ME in my ugliness!

Look at ME!

Instead of fighting back

We fight those we love

We fight those who care

We fight those who would help

Until they too turn away

See?!! Everyone eventually leaves me…

This is the lie we tell ourselves

This lie of our own creation

Deep in the dark of self

A moment begins to stir

It begins to awaken

We see there is a way

We see there is something worth fighting for

We see there IS only…


It is then we begin to heal

We heal slowly, softly

We heal our believed brokenness

We heal our spirits

We heal our hearts

We heal our…souls

There is a moment inside us

When we begin to fight to live

We can win this fight

We will become our own superheroes

No need of capes

No need of masks

No need of costumes

We come to this fight


Stripped down


The secret here is this

You will win this fight

All you have to do is …

Choose YOU.

Now you have the work to do

The worthy work of fighting

For your life





You ARE worth fighting for.


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