Unnamed Emotions

(Also available on ANCHOR as a Poetry Reading by Now_Bree)

Unnamed Emotions

Anger easily reached
Anger so familiar
It is the simplest emotion to draw from

I know anger intimately
I know it’s taste, its scent, and it’s feel

It is familiar
It is comfortable
It is powerful

Emotions fill me and confuse me
They are these unknowns, unfamiliar
They do not have names
Did I used to have names for these emotions?

I believe I did
I know I must have
Where in the dark depths of memory are those names?

Laughter fills me…at times
Tears rolls unheeded down my face
Flickers of emotions I do not know
Wake me in the night

Sadness, sorrow rise up 
From where I do not know

Memories unconnected to emotion
Yet they are there
Waiting to be named.

-Bree Nowacki

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