Life is a funny thing, it comes full circle and surges forward in a way I never expected.

Montgomery County, Station 7, Hazmat team received a Cookies4Scopers box via one of their team – Jermaine Jackson from the show- PayingLOVEforward on Cookies4Scopers Periscope Channel. This is worth a watch!

First the beautiful FireWife Teeshalavone and Jermaine opened their boxes at home.

Then the next morning see what happened. (2.5 hrs later the cookies were taken down by 4 Fire Fighters)

How are you PayingLOVEforward?
(To PayLOVEforward donate towards postage for mailing boxes of cookies to those who serve the community:

Cookies4Scopers is my personal endeavour to not only give back to the Periscope Community of broadcasters, it is also about giving back to those who serve our communities. It is fully supported by donations towards postage and cookie baking ingredients by others who pay LOVE forward.

The history of Cookies4Scopers began last summer (2015) and at first was called “PTSD Cookie Chat”. The idea was simply to bake in the kitchen like you would with your best friend, grandma, mom, girlfriend or wife. Baking, talking about anything and everything, kind of like those times in the kitchen you have a glass of wine or bottle of beer and watch someone bake. It’s soothing to bake, listen to music and sometimes be silly and dance. “PTSD Cookie Chat” turned into “Cookies For Chess Club” as I joined a chess club and began playing again. The day they said I could bring homemade cookies each week set into motion something amazing. 

When I was asked at some point if I would sell cookies, I thought “Hell no! This isn’t what I want to do, I don’t want to sell cookies! I want to send them to people who inspire me by the person they are to others.” In November 2015 I began sending out boxes of cookies to those who had been important in my personal journey towards healing. They inspired me, encouraged me to not give up, and most of all to keep moving forward. 

Therein began the Cookie Promise of Cookies4Scopers. 

As I baked, people not only talked with me during the broadcasts, they also contacted me via other social media. I’d been a member since 2009 with the United States First Responders Association. In 2013 I began making public my personal journey with Post Traumatic Stress from an event in 2003 in Jakarta, Indonesia and in 2013 my life changed dramatically when a Traumatic Brain Injury occurred. I began to make all my blog posts public and became a featured PTSD blogger for their site. I did not receive appropriate treatment for my TBI until 2014. It was only after I gained appropriate treatment that life has slowly, surely improved and my brain continues to heal. I have been blessed to have a M.D. who has a speciality in handling patients with  PTSD, TBI and had recently retired from the United States Air Force to go into private practice. His beliefs are PTSD growth is possible, that people with PTSD do get better coincide perfectly with my own.

My journey as a live streamer has enabled me to come full circle back to my public speaker roots. Live streaming helped me get past all the damage the TBI had caused, facial droop, stuttering, and the inability to censor inappropriate words. Healing happens. This is what I know without a doubt. Slow, sure it does and can happen. 

Because of the live streaming I was asked last year to be part of a video conference for the U. S. and Canada about Fire Fighter PTSD by Retired Battalion Chief Robert Avsec of the digital version of “Fire Chief Magazine.” In January the group’s video discussion was published as “How to Fix Fire Fighter PTSD” volume 2 number 1 winter 2016. The connection with the people involved has been life changing to say the least.

Cookies4Scopers is my Cookie Promise and my way of simply PAYING LOVE FORWARD by giving recognition to those who serve the community relentlessly in so many astounding ways. 

Bree Nowacki 

Retired NREMT/B, Master Moulage Artist (State of Oklahoma), Disaster Response training coordinator, Bioterrorism Emergency Response Training Team, Security Analyst, Security Surveillance Technician, Community Relations Officer for City of Oklahoma City, Community Relations for Homeland Security:FEMA Division 2004, Instructor: EMT basics hands on skills, Instructor: First Responders in training for Police careers. 

Cookies4Scopers is a FaceBook Page
My personal link page, donated by a previous Cookies4Scopers recipient: OBS Beers , a community of Craft Beer Enthusiasts is:
                http://23f0G5l (lower case L) 


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