Love Undoes Us



Love undoes us.

Love is perhaps the most seemingly out of reach emotion after PTSD slithers into our lives.
Society, families, friends tell us we are loved only and only if we are ‘owned’ in some way by another person. Perhaps it is by the labels:

Significant Other
These terms represent a change in our personal status, it means someone loves us enough to make us a part of their life. They own our hearts which we have freely given away. Even if we do not feel loveable to others there is a sense of quiet when someone labels us with their love.

Yet, what if we chose instead to give our hearts away to ourselves in order to love others freely, infinitely and instead rejected the terms previously stated? It is so much easier to love others to the point there is nothing left to give away. We give and give and give until we are drained of all capacity to love.

We become empty of any love to give because we do not love ourselves first. Choosing to love oneself first, which seems to others to be

Self centered
Self absorbed
Self serving

Yet this is not truth, it comes from a fear that if we love ourselves first, perhaps, perhaps we will not love them. If we come to a place of loving ourselves, if we come to the realization we are worthy of loving ourselves and we are then are able to infinitely love others? Well, then we can simply love.

Then and only then does it become about simply caring for one another, accepting one another. We can love other people who are not the same as ourselves, not the same orientations, nor hold the same beliefs. Can we perhaps simply love with out the labels and enjoy one another? To then accept one another in each other’s quirks. To love them in their moments of vulnerability seeing those people as beautiful and worthy of love in these moments, as well as their moments of strength?

The journey to loving self, it is not an easy one. Yet to do so in order to love others better, easier and infinitely? This is a journey worth taking.

So for today, this week think about this:

What if I simply loved ME? What if I became undone by the depth of love for me?
Am I worth loving?

I think you may find the answer to be simply YES.


(Also posted to & was 12/20-2015’s Daily Topic Scope on Periscope day 75 of 90)

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